Here is a review of “The Anchor” from Belgium-based magazine Rootsville! The translated version is below; follow the link to see the original!



‘The Archer’ is the first full-CD of the duo ‘Whitherward’. The fact that Whitherward arose as a duo from Ashley E. Norton and Edward Williams are part of a group of musicians who have participated in this album.

‘The Anchor’ is a collection of 13 songs that can best be described as timeless, although the majority of the songs are very dark. Both songwriters got carried away by various experiences and their inspiration brought about both ‘love songs’ and triple ‘madness’. Playing the contrabass with bow and inserting the violin contribute to the sometimes depressed tone of the album. In the beginning of the album, with the title track and also with ‘Burn The Roses’ and the very dark ‘Interlude’ they bring a special atmosphere to this album.

From the more cheerfully tinted ‘Are You There’, the listeners of this album can see a light at the rather dark tunnel in front of it. The contribution of the ‘Whitherward Choir’ also helps in this. The following ‘Haunted By Me’ also make listening more digestible. With songs like ‘Parallel Universe’ and ‘Theeth’ this duo and their followers draw the Indie card.