is an adverb meaning “toward what or which place.”

It is also a band with a unique story.

“Alas, how, in thy soft-hung Longacre vehicle, of polished leather to the bodily eye, of redtape philosophy, of expediencies, clubroom moralities, Parliamentary majorities to the mind’s eye, thou beautifully rollest: but knowest thou whitherward?”  –Thomas CarlylePast and Present, ch. 2, Sphynx
Upon its creation in 2014, Edward A. Williams and Ashley E. Norton set a goal to leave Nashville and play music they love for people who love music. The name glowed in the confines of the app and they knew it was theirs to set free.

Now a full-time, Nationally & Internationally storyteller touring duo, Whitherward wanders the country and overseas, exploring the sub-genres of folk, and never settling in one place.

Whitherward hit a milestone in 2018 when they received their sponsorship from Subaru Europe. They traveled across England, Scotland, Wales, Germany and The Netherlands for just under two months, performing in 20+ cities and releasing an episode of “Songs From A Subaru” in each one.
Whitherward records Americana/indie-folk music with a full band, and though mainly tours as a duo, can regularly be seen with the addition of violinist/mandolin player/vocalist, Stephanie Groot. Compared to a modern-day Simon & Garfunkel, with influences of rock, folk, jazz, classical and singer/songwriter. They have a versatile bouquet of music videos that range from weird to wild. Come hear the stories behind the songs, the music, and experience the life on the road…but knowest thou whitherward?