Whitherward has recorded several projects – all independently – and has more on the way.

Experience the duo in a completely new way – take a listen below.

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Human Album

Whitherward created a collection of art and music that studies seven unique human stories. We wrote and recorded seven songs in seven states for over seven months. From our mobile studio, we finished what feels like a complete collection of all things artistically human. Through Arizona, California, Washington, Illinois, Nebraska, Utah and Montana, and with a collaboration from oil painter Michelle Penington and graphic artist Aaron TM Bauer. We give you: “Human Album.”

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The Anchor

The Anchor is the first full-length album from Whitherward. Drawing on a lot of experiences, inspiration, and skills from friends and colleagues, The Anchor is a collection of stories both timely and timeless, running the gamut from simple love letters to expressions of sheer madness. The Anchor draws upon the lives and experiences of songwriters Ashley E. Norton and Edward Williams to create a document of the trappings of a life on the road.

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Clockwork Heart

A hard-hitting sound graces this indie-folk duo’s 4th EP, baring the edge of the group’s powerful vocals and poignant songwriting.

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In previous efforts, our music has been a grand affair, with a full band, featured instrument, and lavish (at least for us) production. This time, we wanted to create an EP that was closer to what we sound like live – just guitars and vocals, albeit with a little production thrown in for good measure. “Vulnerable” is a story told in seven songs, with the overtones of love, loss, and acceptance.

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Music Monster

Music Monster is the culmination of a shift – both physically and emotionally – for the Denver-based acoustic duo. Produced while in the midst of a cross-country move from Nashville to their new home, Music Monster contains more edge, more directness, and yet, more sentimentality. Full of the emotions and reality of leaving home, the sophomore release from Whitherward delivers hard-hitting grooves juxtaposed with heartfelt ballads that deliver their message of perseverance, in spite of what may come to pass.

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The first studio release from Whitherward, “Stardust” explores the essential elements that give us pause and make us human. We really hope you enjoy it; Ashley and I couldn’t be more proud of this release, and of everyone who was involved in making it happen.

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