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Monthly Rewind – January 2017

A photo posted by Whitherward (@whitherwardontour) on Jan 20, 2017 at 6:32pm PST New Year, New ChallengesAs many of you know, we tour constantly - over 250 shows a year! - and we work on a lot of extra stuff along with that. It can take its toll on even the most...

How To Masturbate: A Psoriasis Blog by Ashley E. Norton

A few years ago I was sitting at my swanky neighborhood bar in Germantown, a section of Nashville on the up and up. Complete with zombie herds of hipsters and factory renovated million dollar condos, I was grandfathered into the afforadble housing complex. This night,...

How St. Louis Will Be Saved

Time for an up-front confession: I hate St. Louis.It's odd saying this about my birthtown; I spent over 20 years there in its peculiarly icy grip, wondering if the rest of the world would be waiting when (read: if) I finally managed to get out. Various...


Posted 3/25/14 Some things are better left in horror movies. But no, Whitherward takes them on the road. In the middle of who knows where Texas between the hours of 1 and 3am, we get stuck in a torrential wind/rain storm and we need gas. Ed is holding onto the...

Our SXSW Experience

Posted 3/15/14 So this is how 2 days can feel like a week. We left Nashville after shooting a music video and performing our perspective gigs on Wednesday evening (Thursday morning?) at 3am. We pulled into Austin at 6pm and rushed off to the festival to get Jaron to...

Why MBIRD Matters

Posted 2/23/14 When folks hang out with us in Nashville, talk can easily turn to our peers - fellow songwriters whom we like and whose ability we respect. Typically, however, there is one group that we simply gush over, a dynamic duo-turned-band that demonstrates some...

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