How To Masturbate: A Psoriasis Blog by Ashley E. Norton

A few years ago I was sitting at my swanky neighborhood bar in Germantown, a section of Nashville on the up and up. Complete with zombie herds of hipsters and factory renovated million dollar condos, I was grandfathered into the afforadble housing complex. This night,...


Posted 3/25/14 Some things are better left in horror movies. But no, Whitherward takes them on the road. In the middle of who knows where Texas between the hours of 1 and 3am, we get stuck in a torrential wind/rain storm and we need gas. Ed is holding onto the...

Why MBIRD Matters

Posted 2/23/14 When folks hang out with us in Nashville, talk can easily turn to our peers – fellow songwriters whom we like and whose ability we respect. Typically, however, there is one group that we simply gush over, a dynamic duo-turned-band that...

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