The Tour Continues!

Our Tennessee leg of the tour continues this week, and we’ve got some great shows coming up in the next few days; we’re nearing the home stretch of this long, cross-country jaunt! Thanks for tuning in to read up on what we’re up to! If you’d like articles like this and more fun stuff delivered straight to your inbox, feel free to sign up for our email list! With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what happened last week:

(Nash)Vegas, baby

After a tearful goodbye to Stephanie and Co. in Chicago, we packed up the car and trucked down south to the place of Whitherward’s birth – Nashville, TN. Music City. Nashvegas. Home of the Grand Ole Opry. You’ve heard it all before! It’s admittedly surreal to be back, especially since it’s been almost exactly a year since we were last here. The city has grown and changed at an alarming rate in one year, and shows no signs of slowing down. Our old neighborhood is barely recognizable, as are most of the neighborhoods around town anymore. Such is the march of progress.

We kicked things off with a great show at the 5 Spot – Derek Hoke hosts the music at their Two Dollar Tuesday nights, and it’s a blast, as always. If you’re ever in Nashville, you should drop by on a Tuesday – you get great, local beer for $2 a pint, and the music is always top notch. Special shout out to Tim Hibbs, the DJ extraordinaire who spins lots of great vinyl in between each act, and is always a super nice guy. We got to reconnect with our dear friend Meredith Blis as well, a fantastic songwriter who’s been a friend of ours since we’ve been in Nashville.

Another reunion took place at our next show in Franklin, TN, at a place called Quinn’s Neighbourhood Pub and Eatery, which is owned by Ed’s former co-worker and current friend Jeff Hall. It was the first time that he had music at his newly minted establishment, and he, along with his staff, were very generous and courteous to us. We also got to reconnect with our dear friend Jana and fellow friend and songwriting colleague Breaux Gargano, so it was a fantastic night for all. Stop by there if you’re ever in Franklin and tell Jeff that Whitherward sent you!

The Bluebird

After a stop in Winchester, TN, we played the iconic Bluebird Cafe on Sunday for the second time in as many years. Our very good friend Steve Goodie (you remember him from last week, right?) hosts a songwriter night and was very kind to have us play his night to a very captive audience. It was also very refreshing to see a bunch of talented songwriters together in the same room sharing their works – it helps unstick the cogs in the creative side of the brain, for sure. We also have to thank Steve profusely for putting us up for the past week, and for letting us use his studio space to record some demos for the upcoming album! If you missed the live stream, you can check it out on our Facebook Page (and donate to our cause here)!

Until Next Time

It was a great start to the Tennessee leg of our tour; we’re finishing up this week, and then we head to the East Coast! Stay tuned for more stories from our travels, and don’t forget to share our info with a friend if you think they’d dig us! See you on the road!