Posted 3/15/14

So this is how 2 days can feel like a week. We left Nashville after shooting a music video and performing our perspective gigs on Wednesday evening (Thursday morning?) at 3am. We pulled into Austin at 6pm and rushed off to the festival to get Jaron to his showcase with another out of town artist. We ran into friends from all over, including San Francisco, North Carolina, Nashville, and galavanted around the festival until the trip caught up with our heavy eyes. We somehow managed to sleep all 3 of us to the couch Jarons friend graciously let us crash on and woke up ignoring the crinks in our necks.

We spent all day and night checking out the convention center, food trucks, and countless bands trying to make their mark on the scene, just like us. It was truly inspiring. Then repeat. Saturday, show day, we disappointingly woke up to the sound of rain. We lugged our gear to bar 512, expecting the crowds to be light due to the weather. Well, after about an hour, the clouds parted, the sun came out, and so did the people! And what an amazing supportive crowd it was. We were fighting our acoustic guitars against the electric amps across the street, and everyone was cheering us on and we had just about the whole room wearing our buttons by the end of the show!

We had an amazing first SXSW Whitherward experience and can’t wait to get back to Austin to play at more of the amazing venues we connected with. We are now on our way to Arizona for 4 more shows with our good friend from Nashville, Tom O’Connor. Thank you to everyone who made our visit so special…you know who you are. As for our next stop, Whitherward lieth the way home…