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Sleeping With A Stranger:

Ashely and Edward! This is my 103rd song in my 100 song station. I was going to hold it to 100 songs for now, but look at what happened! Should I blame you, or should I blame Itso for introducing us? I cannot decide, so I’ll just blame myself. I want to be thoroughly familiar with your songs when we meet 81 days from now in Omaha. And so, you do not have to explain the name for the gentle reader I will do so: Whitherward: “Middle English word dating back to 1150-1200. adverb, Archaic – toward what place; in what direction.” As you told me; what a great name for a traveling duo! – Groovy and 60’s Style

Another good one from one of my favorites. It’s so nice to see them getting so much love at IMP. – Eve’s New Car

What an unusual, yet awesome song! Definitely in my Top 5 favorite songs from the entire discography of this band (yes, I have explored their entire discography :P). I love the waltz rhythm and feel to it, which (like every song in 3/4 meter, with some good melodies) makes me feel like I wanna spin in circles… except with my 2 left feet I can’t dance anything properly, let alone – waltz…LOL But the feel is in there regardless, and it’s lovely. Also, I have to say I’m generally not a fan of classical/opera style singing, and the vocals in this one are definitely influenced by that style a bit; and yet on this occasion I like it, as it somehow fits the song perfectly; which I guess makes sense, given the aforementioned waltz vibe. And finally, a big THANK YOU to the artists for uploading this song on IMP now, although it’s an older one, not from the new album. I will keep nagging them for other such “old” favorites of mine (I put “old” in quotes, because I’m sure to most listeners in the IMP community those songs are new, simply because they have never heard them; which is something I think should definitely change ;)). – Itso’s Earworms

The Anchor:

Love the vocal arrangement of this one – so creative and compelling! Love the song overall too; loved it ever since I heard it several months ago. 😉 Thank you for your fine music, Ed, Ashley and co. – Itso’s Earworms

great new song from one of my favorite bands on IMP, the title cut from their new record too! – Eve’s New Life, Eve’s New Station

As far as your song goes, I love the first hearing of it; the lyrics, the melody, the instrumentation, your sweet voice, Edward’s manly voice; everything about it! Two thumbs and two big toes up! – Groovy and 60’s Style

The Night I Fell For You

Ah, the strings… – Itso’s Earworms

an orchestral tapestry, with charmin’ vocal, three part harmonies, and a chorus at home in any music era, tasty pizzicata strings and cello part, sweepin’… – PICNIC

Great harmonies and melodies here, a wonderful folk song by talented artists. – Cincy Cat’s Top 40

This is a bit of a departure for a band I really love. It’s a sad story, perfect for this station. The backing is the shining star in this song, orchestral, beautiful. I love it so much. – Love And Disappointment

Hand Of Fate

another totally original song by this great duo. Nice harmonies and a really interesting solo in the middle. It takes more courage to love like that. – Eve’s Hooky Cookie

The Dragon

Mysterious and beautiful song its an inviting powerful and dynamic composition, well placed instrumental and percussive qualities that are so engaging. lovely vocals its a symphony of color and a story that grows and unwinds develops and builds. tres cool – eYe

Wowee! Bring it on – the dragon inside! – Over The Moon

Nobody’s ever accused me of having a dragon inside me but there was this group of girls in high school that called me a bitch. – Eve’s Special Reserve

Whitherward is an incredibly expressive duo with great rhythm and vox in their originals. This is music that reminds of mountains and castles and I do believe that the dragon inside of her is who she really is. – Eve’s Magical Ride