about us

Who we are and where we came from.

Ashley Norton

acoustic guitar/lead vocals

Ashley Norton hails from Phoenix, Arizona, where she built a successful career as a performing artist over the better part of 10 years. Moving to Nashville in 2010 to pursue a career in country music, she wound up forming the folk duo with Ed a couple years after their meeting. She has co-written with numerous Nashville artists and songwriters and brings that experience to Whitherward, along with a powerful vocal presence.

Edward Williams

electric guitar/lead vocals

Edward Williams is a guitarist and singer-songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri. He moved to Nashville in 2006 to study audio production, and formed the group with Ashley shortly after her arrival in Nashville. Prior to Whitherward, Ed has played bass guitar in a number of projects and bands, as well as having engineered several projects at the Nashville Jazz Workshop.

Stephanie Groot

violin/mandolin/backup vocals

Stephanie Groot is a Phoenix-area multi-instrumentalist that joined Whitherward in 2015 for the recording of their 4th EP, “Clockwork Heart”. She was instrumental in the production of the group’s most recent release, “The Anchor”.

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