So This Is New(s)

We’re trying something out with our email fans and blog; a weekly recap of our travels and goings on, just to keep everyone (including ourselves) on the same page, and hopefully we can share some stories and anecdotes about the shows and travels that you may not see on the livestreams! Enjoy!

It’s August, Already(?!)

Sheesh, this year has been going by quickly, hasn’t it? We’re mere weeks away from the presidential election, the high temperatures show no signs of relenting, and we’re in the full swing of the Coast-To-Coast tour 2016! It’s been a wild ride so far; let’s look at what happened last week!

A Blessing In Disguise

Sure, it was a bummer having the studio gig in Des Moines cancelled, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise; we got to hang out with our very dear Nashville friend Tony Bohnenkamp, and we wrote a new song! “The Anchor” has some Simon and Garfunkel influence and feel to it, and we are super happy with how it feels and flows. It’s definitely going on the album this fall, and we can’t wait to see what Patrick and Stephanie contribute to the work! After a couple of days unexpected rest in Iowa, we soldiered on towards a brand new state (for us!)

Uncharted Territory

North Dakota, home of the Bakken Shale and the Modern Gold Rush. Most people save this state for last in their quest to visit all 50 states in the Union, but not us! We wouldn’t do you like that, ND. No, we had business to attend to in the western half of the state. An old friend of Ashley’s is a very successful restaurateur, and she was able to provide us with a few shows in the region – two in Watford City, ND and one just across the state border in Sidney, MT. The shows were very fun, and we made a few bucks along the way, but what we were most impressed with were the people of North Dakota. They’re resilient, respectful, and resourceful, and they treated us well the whole time we were there. These folks are proud of their state, and their rightfully worried about its legacy as the oil boom wanes. But we have hope that they’ll be okay; judging by what we’ve seen, we’re pretty sure these communities will survive whatever’s thrown at them.

The New Video

We FINALLY got our new video done! We got a lot of the filming done back in May, and mostly it was finding the time to complete the editing, as there were a couple of challenging bits to work through. But it’s here! Major thanks to Howard Ignatius again for the fantastic camera work and preliminary editing done; to Barb Ignatius for putting up with us crashing their home for awhile; to Patrick Hershey for being a good sport and joining us during the filming of the video; and to Morro Bay for being awesome, as always. Hope you enjoy it!

Until next time…

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