A couple of things before we begin

We accidentally misspelled Steve Goodie’s name last week (sorry Steve!), so it’s spelled correctly now for your searching efficacy. Also, we wanted to give a shout out to the other fan who was kind enough to join us at the Bluebird, Richard Shames. He’s one of our biggest fans in Nashville, and we wanted to thank him for always being a great fan!

We’re back in Saint Louis for a small homecoming show for Ed, and we’re doing a house concert in Northern Illinois as well before we head southward yet again for Crushfest in Georgia! Finishing out the Midwest in style! With that said, let’s look at what happened last week:

Sick Day

Things slowed down a bit for us in the second week of Tennessee performances, though we did travel to some different cities to play for folks. A gig in Knoxville at the Preservation Pub was okay, but we did get a chance to make a couple new fans and meet some cool European musicians from called Beneath The Underdog. They were on their American tour and were a fantastic group; you should check them out! We were then supposed to have a show in Manchester at Prater’s BBQ, but Ashley developed a case of strep throat and was down for the count. We had to cancel the show – something we rarely do, but it was necessary – and we attempted to rest up for the next night’s marathon gig at Daddy Billy’s in Tullahoma, TN. Ashley soldiered through about halfway through the gig, but had to step down amid fatigue from the antibiotics. Luckily, our good friend Ky Brazelton from the Stagger Moon Band filled in and sang some incredible alt rock songs to help finish out the night. We’re forever grateful to him for helping us out; we encourage you to check out his music! You’ll be happy to know Ashley is feeling much better now, and we’re back on the move.


To close out the week, we took a trip up to Cinncinati, OH to play a very special show at the Downtowne Listening Room. Scott and Diana Skeabeck host a monthly concert for their ever-growing audience of music lovers, and they focus on maintaining a listening environment for their guests – a boon for artists such as ourselves who create lots of original music that typically gets lost in restaurant and bar environments. These shows are not easy to get into; we met Scott and Diana last year while attending one of their concerts as guests of the inimitable Steve Goodie, who was performing that month. We then kept in touch and managed to get booked one year from then, and that day finally came around! All in all, it was a fantastic show, with a rapt audience that really appreciated the time and effort we put into our craft. Along with the spate of new fans, we also got to spend time with Scott and Diana, two fantastic people who obviously put a lot of love and hard work into what they do at the Downtowne Listening Room. If you’re lucky enough to be passing through Cincy when one of their shows is happening, do yourself a favor and drop by; you’d be doing them – and artists like us – a favor.

Until next time

Lots of traveling coming up for us as we work through the rest of our Midwest dates towards Crushfest in Georgia! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest updates, and be sure to tell a friend about us if you haven’t already! See you on the road!