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Whitherworld | April 17, 2015 



Welcome friends, old and new, to the Whitherward newsletter!  We're glad you've signed up and want to follow us on our adventures!  Please feel free to get in touch with us about anything, and enjoy!


THE MUSIC MONSTER TOUR: Hello friends, fans and loved ones! We are hitting the highway this weekend! We have a couple shows in Denver and then we are traveling through Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, and Santa Fe. So if you have… Read more

Do It Your Fucking Self 

I've been a professional singer-songwriter for about 10 years now. What I mean by that is getting paid to do it. I've been in rock bands, country projects, wedding bands, chick groups and indie duos. I've toured across the country countless times, played large festivals, and the tiniest bars you never knew existed. I've performed for audiences of 2 and audiences of 3,000, and have had just as much fun at both. I've worked in Nashville and have written songs with well over 100 different artists, some with… Read more

The Smallest Crowd 

Last night we played our asses off for a bar full of 40 empty chairs, 6 people and a dance floor. Literally, just the floor. We’ve been rehearsing in our drummers basement at odd hours for months, and worked up about 4 hours of originals and covers.

It is spring in Colorado, which means that sometimes it still snows, and as it was the first snowy day in weeks, luck was not on our side. The gig started out as our 4 piece band performing for the 2 bartenders, who were very nice and clapped after each song… Read more

Whitherworld | March 27, 2015 


MUSIC MONSTER: Hello friends, fans and loved ones! We have lots of exciting news to announce this month! Including an April tour, pre-production news for the 3rd EP and a massive summer undertaking...let us explain.

PAY WHAT YOU WANT: We've done it now. We decided not to put a price on our music. We noticed that some people don't have anything to give, and some people have extra to give. We want everyone to have our EPs, so we figure whether we get $1 or $500 from you - we may just… Read more


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